Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers and Wilkins manufacture some of the most desirable audio products in the world. A range that encompasses iconic designs and setting incredibly high standards for industrial design and exceptional audio quality. From the PX5 Wireless Headphone, new Zeppelin wireless loudspeaker to an 800 Series D4 Reference Loudspeaker, every product is manufactured with meticulous attention to detail resulting in a range of products which are a delight to own and offer uncompromising performance. The all new Formation series delivers peerless multi-room audio performance from a range of distinctively styled products.

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700 Series models have been designed with the utmost simplicity, with each speaker using carefully selected, quality components to ensure nothing gets in the way of the sound. With the appropriate partnering electronics, this range provides a level of detail and nuance which is unprecedented for speakers of this class.  Audition a pair for yourself and you'll see.

800 Series D4  Diamond range represents the pinnacle of loudspeaker performance, as found in London's Abbey Road Studios and California's Skywalker Sound. Surpassing its predecessors in just about every way the range includes improved drivers, improved crossovers and, of course, its iconic diamond tweeters.

B&W Formation Series  Every model incorporates only carefully selected, quality components which results in purity of sound and musical detail. The range comprises stand alone speaker, Soundbar, Subwoofer, Active stereo loudspeakers and a streamer. Probably the finest multi-room system available

600 Series models are a fine blend of audio performance, power and price and encompasses technology from high end Bowers and Wilkins loudspeakers with engineering solutions uniques to the range. Understated, classic design.

Dave CliffordThe Music Matters opinion...

Our clients brief was simple, the execution a little more complicated – fantastic audio and video performance without encroaching on the living space. Following several meetings, we were absolutely delighted to receive instructions from our client to proceed with the system design. We’ve worked really hard to hide the complexity and provided a system which is easy to use, virtually invisible and delivers amazing quality

Key features

  • UK Designed amp Manufactured

    800 series designed amp made in the UK

  • Diamond High Frequency Drivers

    High stiffness to density ratio

  • 600 Series 2

    Double Dome thin aluminium dome tweeters

  • FST Fixed Suspension Transducers

    enablesKevlar drivers to perform at exceptionally high levels

Bowers & Wilkins pedigree, through and through - Formation Duo

Concert for One - Bowers & Wilkins superb new range of PX wireless series headphones are packed with detail, transparency and realism. Experience in store for yourself.

Bowers & Wilkins Formation Soundbar. Play what you want, from whatever you want - television, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth or Airplay.