Linn make some of the best music systems available from any manufacturer for your home including network music players, turntables, amplifiers, speakers and hifi components. The company design and make every part in a Linn system ensuring complete control over the process and making music sound as good as it can.

In essence, a really good system should be able to play anything: music, movies, records, games, everything. It should be easy to use a built to last. The permutations in building a Linn system are numerous and we recommend you speak with us to establish whats suits you personally.

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Linn offer three network music players: Majik, Accurate and Klimax. All models offers great functionality and ease of use with increasing levels of performance moving up the range. Pictured above, Linn Klimax.

Linn Akurate DSM streamer - complete all-in-one, hugely capable hifi component. Just add loudspeakers.

Linn Majik Loudspeakers are made in a range of different finishes to compliment any decor.

Richard Bunn-MajorThe Music Matters opinion...

The pace of change in our business has been dramatic, to say the least, over the last five years. We’re here to help our customers navigate their way through the myriad of options available – high quality hifi, custom installation, home cinema, streaming solutions, turntables, personal audio and HD television. And we like to think, we make the whole process an enjoyable experience

Exakt is a new proprietary Linn designed technology that builds upon Linn DS in extending the digital signal delivery right in to the heart of the loudspeaker system. Keeping the signal in the digital domain up until the last stage ensures absolute signal accuracy and a higher level of performance.

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