The Roksan mission

Roksan exists for one reason: to improve, refine and control the near-imperceptible details of sound. The nuances you don’t see, but definitely feel. The unquantifiable stuff that actually makes all the difference.

It was Roksan's mission when they began, and it’s what still drives them today. It’s what gets them up in the morning and what runs around in their brains when the lights go out.

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How we act

Roksan are utterly dedicated to crafting and enhancing the best Hi-Fi electronics out there. They are obsessed with the technology behind great sound – but also obsessed with the people who listen to it, and sharing it with them. So you won’t need to crack the audiophile’s code to understand Roksan. The language is as simple as their tech is complex.

What Roksan do is all about helping people attain the most incredibly precise audio – because that’s how listeners experience the true joy of sound.

Roksan, the people who craft your audio experiences.

Fully developed in-house in the UK, the new Attessa range features premium streaming technology, class-leading performance and beautiful industrial design. The range has therefore been designed to combine all the wonderfully complex sound of a class-leading hi-fi system with the simplicity most listeners crave - making it easier to connect with both devices, and with the people around you.

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The blak series from Roksan comprises a range of the finest sounding and uniquely styled components available today. With its substantial build and striking visual design, coupled with an astounding performance of both power and delicacy, the blak series offers the ultimate in musical involvement, audio engineering and user flexibility. To dedicated and devoted music lovers and those who simply demand the best, blak offers a complete sonic solution.

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The Caspian series is Roksan’s iconic range of multi-award-winning electronics. Regarded as one of the best value reference quality series available. It is perhaps the most recognised example of the affordable quality ethos that Roksan delivers to music lovers and audio enthusiasts. With a variety of analogue and digital electronics, it offers a supremely smooth - yet gripping – sound that brings out the best in any recording of any musical genre. The latest Caspian slim and elegant housing disguises a huge, sophisticated sound that has wholly engaged listeners for many years.

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