Sonos ERA100 & 300 offer next generation acoustics and new levels of connectivity. Available for demonstration in all stores.

Easily access virtually any piece of music you can think of from the palm of your hand. Every genre - pop, jazz, dance, the list is endless, the Classical music repertoire simply extraordinary! Just a few years ago we could not have envisaged the way in which wireless hi-fi products like SONOS would revolutionise the way we choose to play music.

We have expertise in building SONOS in to existing audio systems, getting the very best sound quality, and offer our own unique product bundles.

From one room to multi-room - in the lounge, breakfast room or patio, your music can be with you everywhere. Sonos One even allows you to voice control your system, asking for the music you want to hear.

The latest additions, Sonos Era 100 & 300, Sonos SUB Mini, Sonos Beam with Dolby Atmos, Five and new Mk3 SUB continue the tradition of forward thinking, high quality music systems which are easy to accommodate and a delight to use.

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We have a huge amount of experience in advising our customers on how to get the very best from their SONOS systems.

And now, its easier than ever to get started with the Sonos BEAM Gen 2 - a discrete, high performance sound bar at just £449.

Sonos Amp - a simple way to experience Sonos. All new design with a powerful integrated 100w per channel amplifier. Add two speakers which simply connect to terminals on the rear panel.

A wide range of models to choose from for different applications. Play 1 is a small two way design. The Era 100 offers more performance with multiple bass/mid range drivers couple to a rear facing bass radiator and one tweeter. The Era 300 provides higher output with a dedicated bass drivers couple to two midrange drivers and separate tweeters. All Play and Era models can be set up via the control app to run in room stereo pairs for better stereo separation, and the Sonos Sub can further be added for increased bass performance. ARC and BEAM are sound bars for TV. PORT and AMP connect to traditional stereo amplifiers and loudspeakers.

The Sonos PORT brings streaming to conventional hifi systems by either a stereo phono cable or digitally via a digital coaxial or optical cable. One of the most simple ways in which to introduce music streaming to your system.

Sonos ARC is a very effective way in which to vastly improve your TV listening and operate as another zone with a Sonos multi-room system, and in addition form part of a 5.1 audio system by adding a Sonos Subwoofer and rear channel Play 1,3 or 5 series speakers.

Sonos ONE SL  features 'Alexa' voice control. Built in microphones pick up voice commands enabling you to simply ask for your favourite piece of music and a whole host of other functions.

Sonos SUB Mini is a diminutive design which blends into smaller listing spaces and wirelessly connects with virtually all Sonos products. The ideal discrete subwoofer for smaller home cinema and music systems.

Rod ArdernThe Music Matters opinion...

I can remember seeing Sonos for the first time when it was introduced to me at my home. It’s fair to say, i was somewhat sceptical – how could this system really be any good. At that time, all multi-room systems tended to be suited to larger budgets and were quite tricky to use. Not only did Sonos offer a ground-breaking user interface but streamed music was now available to a much wider market with subscription based music services. I regularly use a Sonos Connect a part of my system, and stream mostly classical music from Tidal and Deezer Elite. Access to music of all genres is simply extraordinary.

The Sonos BEAM features some very sophisticated DSP electronics, power amplifiers and loudspeakers - the result? A smart way to improve television sound, add Dolby Atmos, Alexa voice control and enjoy your streamed music. Available in black or white and just £399.

Sonos Trueplay. A proprietary technology which 'tunes' Play series products to your room. Where you place your Sonos product can affect performance dramatically. Trueplay ensures the best sound quality possible in your living space.