T+A HiFi

T+A develop and manufacture sublime audio products. The range is comprehensive including superbly engineered amplifiers, CD players and streaming components. Acoustically transparent offering the very highest standards of engineering and build quality.

T+A DAC200

The DAC 200 and HA 200 reference converter and pre-amplifier convert digital data into analogue signals, and constitute the heart of their system configurations: the DAC 200’s outstanding pre-amplifier and output stages make it the ideal core of a classic HiFi system with loudspeakers.

T+A MP200

Thanks to its Modular High-End Architecture (MHA) the MP 200 operates as a universal unit capable of delivering all modern music sources, from DAB radio to streaming.

T+A A200

The A 200 output stage, generating 250 Watts power per channel into 4 Ohms, provides incredible performance with superb linearity and outstanding measured values. Thanks to the advanced technologies employed, the A 200 is able to exploit its full performance regardless of load, i.e. independently of the loudspeakers to which it is connected.

T+A PA1100E Integrated Amplifier

The PA 1000 E is an audiophile integrated amplifier which is complemented perfectly by the MP 1000 E Multi Source Player. The amplifier provides a set of additional analogue inputs, while its modern output stage technology and enormous power output enable it to drive loudspeakers – even large and demanding types – to perfection.

T+A Criterion S200CTL Speakers

The CTL series is the latest stage of evolution of the Criterion loudspeaker. As you would expect, we have kept our faith in the unique transmission-line principle, since it offers major advantages in the reproduction of low frequencies, but we have again succeeded in improving the efficiency of the line with the new, deeper cabinet format. The transmission-line principle offers major advantages over the bass reflex system, but does call for extremely sophisticated cabinet design if the speaker is to exhibit a very low bass cut-off frequency. In specific terms, this means that the sound guide behind the bass drivers (the transmission-line) must be very long – similar to an organ pipe – otherwise very low frequencies cannot be generated.

The new CTL = Compensated Transmission Line series features a cabinet design which even compensates the acoustical  impedance of the system. Each cabinet consists of a sealed internal case into which the transmission line is glued. This construction not only renders the cabinets very heavy, but also extremely rigid, eliminating all traces of resonance effects. The side and wall panels consist of heavy-duty HDF, finished either with multiple coats of rubbed lacquer, selected, top-quality hardwood veneers or carbon. The baffles feature a newly developed design which we have christened  “organic baffle”. The apertures for the speaker drive units are machined to a three-dimensional shape out of the solid baffle material, and act as carefully calculated sound guides generating outstandingly good dispersion characteristics, especially in the mid / high frequency range. The cabinet material is either HDF – for the lacquered versions – or solid wood for the hardwood versions.

T+A MP2000R & PA2000R

The MP 2000 R MKII is a genuine multi-talent. At first glance the casual observer may think it is just a classic CD player, but its true capabilities extend far beyond this. At its heart lies one of the world’s latest and most sophisti­cated digital to analogue converters (DAC) that converts PCM signals up to 384 kBps and even DSD files.

Building neat, compact integrated amplifiers offering high output power and superb sound quality is an art at which T+A has no peer. As proof of this claim we present the PA 2000 R integrated amplifier. It is incredibly dynamic, powerful and incisive. Extremely linear output stages with very low negative feedback and the new form of mains power supply employed specifically for audio devices ensures that they are ultra-stable under load, with no danger of collapse even when handling extremely high peak levels. 

T+A MP2500R

The MP 2500 R is our newest and most sophisticated Multi Source Player and PCM / DSD DAC in the R-Series. He has the same overall design philosophy and technical facilities like the smaller MP 2000 R MK II player. Both have been developed to reproduce high-res audio files without any trace of compromise. Instead of a CD mechanism we have equipped the MP 2500 R with the SACD drive from our High-End SACD player MP 3100 HV which is a completely new development.


Twice as tall, higher output power and even more connection facilities – the PA 2500 R exceeds the specification of the PA 2000 R in many areas, but its character in terms of sound quality is in no way inferior to its smaller sibling. This by no means goes without saying, because very powerful amplifiers often forfeit the finer points of dynamics and detail tracery. Our PA 2500 R integrated amplifier circumvents this danger: its basic circuit is the same as that of the PA 2000 R, and even the circuit board layouts are identical. However, its heat-sinks are twice the size, and the case accommodates two of our new high-performance mains power supply units, with the result that it can deliver more than 280 Watts of continuous power per channel into 4 Ohms loudspeakers.

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