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The vital link in harnessing the full potential of all components, from budget to the very finest. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Chord supply the highest quality interconnects, loudspeaker, HDMI and ethernet cable.

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Chord analogue interconnects use RCA and XLR balanced plugs. The RCA phone plug is common to virtually all if and home cinema products, and theres an extensive range to choose from. As a rule, we recommend to choose the best you can with advise from us as to what will provide the optimum performance.

Ethernet cables are often overlooked as part of digital music systems. Prices vary and performance improvements are dependent on a number of factors, usually the quality of the products used. We generally recommend at least one each of these specialist ethernet cable to link the streaming device and computer NAS drive to your router.

Loudspeaker cables are the final link between amplifier and passive loudspeakers. Overall system performance is optimised by carefully selecting a cable suited to your components. We have a wealth of experience to offer advising on getting the best from your system.

If you're unsure about the improvements a Chord cable can bring to your system, we offer a trial service. Speak with us for more details