Ultimate Hifi

A carefully chosen stereo system will bring years of pleasure. With thirty years experience in delivering high performance systems, we can bring together components which 'gel' together to create incredibly realistic sound and an accurate portrayal of the musical performance or video soundtrack.

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Our clients brief was to be centre stage to the performance with analogue vinyl replay, streaming and TV. Following a number of discussions and demonstration, we delivered a terrific system.

  • Rega Rp10 turntable + Apheta cartridge
  • Naim Stageline
  • Naim DACV1
  • Naim 252 Preamplifier
  • Naim HDX
  • Naim 555 Power Supply
  • Naim NAP500
  • Naim Fraim Support system
  • Bowers & Wilkins 802 Diamond Loudspeakers
  • Terillium Black Diamond Loudpseaker cables
  • Senheisser HDVD800 + HD700 series headphones
  • Samsung UHDTV 55" television
  • Spectral Custom Designed furniture system

The system - rigid support, elegantly provided with Naim's Fraim shelf system

Our Technical Sales manager, David Clifford completes set up and system balance

Rega's RP10 turntable + Apheta pick-up cartridge - probably the best sound from a record we've ever heard